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Enjoy your own lifestyle

To live in a Vía Célere home is to live an individual lifestyle, as we stand out in the way we conceive our homes and in all the services we offer our customers.

Communal Areas

We revolutionise communal areas by making them highly prominent in our residential developments. We create spaces for leisure and sports without leaving home, thinking of both little ones and adults, so they can all enjoy a unique experience.

Pool, landscaped areas, paddle court, gym, playground, children’s room, beauty salon, study room and social-gourmet room are just some of the communal areas available, and, most importantly, they are delivered fully equipped so you only have to worry about one thing: enjoying them.

  • Social Gourmet Room

    Shared moments have their own little corner. This room is an elegant, comfortable space equipped with everything you need to live unforgettable moments.

  • Pool

    Cool off in the pool on the hottest days. It is designed to provide a space for relaxation and fun. Enjoy it as a family, alone or with Friends.

  • Gym

    Get fit without leaving home, with a full equipped gym for you to enjoy.

  • Co-working room

    The co-working room is a functional space, designed with all the commodities to make work easier and more efficient, where you can make use of your time.

  • Children’s Games Room

    The perfect place for the little ones in the house, where they can play and have fun. In the meantime, you have the peace of mind of knowing that they are growing up in the ideal environment for them.

  • Playground

    Designed for children to play and enjoy themselves with their neighbours, giving parents the reassurance of knowing they are safe in a private space.


Our customers are the most important thing to us, and we know that there are no two customers alike. For this reason, we want to reciprocate by offering a Personalization Program *, with different choice options based on individual tastes and needs.

A whole world of possibilities and proposals that will allow us to design an environment with which each client can feel fully identified from day one, choosing from the different materials, colours and textures we offer for walls, floors, cabinets and kitchen.

Thanks to our advanced configurator, customers will be able to see what the finishes and materials of their home look like, they can choose different options and ascertain their rating so that the Vía Célere customization team can adapt the home to the buyers’ tastes.

Virtual Visit

Enjoy a different way to view your new house. You can see the outside of the building, its communal areas and its surroundings from any angle. You can also see inside our properties interactively. Be sure to use the custom configurator, which will show you the finishes and materials you prefer for your future home, thus ensuring a perfect decoration.

Consultive Sale

The shift in the economic environment brings us to reflect on a different perspective of sales model.

In the information age, where a wide range of options are just a click away, we need to stand out and return to the personalised sales model where the sales representative acts as an adviser rather than as a salesperson.

The most important thing is to LISTEN to customers, understand their circumstances and identify their actual needs, in order to offer a product that meets their expectations.

Developing an honest, familiar environment is essential, especially during the first meeting with the customer, as is the ability to make an individual diagnosis of each buyer.

Secure Payment & Resale Protection

We want to reciprocate our customer’s trust by giving them the greatest peace of mind and security possible at such a crucial life moment as the purchase of a home.

Insecurity in the face of possible personal events is one of the elements that most influences the purchase decision, factors such as unemployment, health problems or divorces are common concerns that can affect us when we buy a home. In order to solve these insecurities, we offer Payments & Resale Protection insurance.

We help our customers reduce the insecurities associated with purchasing a home. This service is completely free for Via Célere buyers, and covers both home purchase as well as investment purchase.

Digital signature

We want to make life easier for our customers, that is why we remain at the forefront of PropTech with the incorporation of new technological tools that transform the traditional way of operating. We have implemented the possibility of formalizing the purchase of the home using an electronic signature.

Our customers will be able to sign reservations, contracts and any other additional document without leaving home and in a 100% legal and safe way. The technology used complies with national and European regulations and with the strictest international safety and compliance standards.