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Ethical Mailbox

The Vía Célere Group wants to provide an internal communication channel with the Ethics Committee, which serves as an instrument to raise any possible irregularity, non-compliance or behaviour contrary to ethics, conduct, legality and the rules that govern this Group. Complaints submitted may be anonymous.

In addition to this electronic communication channel, we provide you with a postal address, where you can send communications to the attention of the Ethical Mailbox in Calle Carlos y Guillermo Fernández Shaw Nº1, Local, 28007 Madrid.

Vía Célere will apply the necessary mechanisms to guarantee both the confidentiality of the complainant and the right to honour of those who may be accused of violating the code.

The Vía Célere Group will not allow reprisals of any kind against third parties for communications or complaints that have been sent in good faith.

Communication Content

Complaints will be processed confidentially, that is, keeping strict secrecy and reservation about the identity of the complainant. The complainant’s information may only be disclosed, where appropriate, to the competent authority in the investigation of the facts.

In the case of complaints, to favour the investigation process, the communication should contain the following information:

· Detailed description of the facts that are the subject of your complaint, preferably chronologically and providing all the information that may be relevant for the investigation of the reported facts.
· Place or places where the reported events have taken place or are taking place.
· Time or period of time during which the reported events took place.
· Identification of the person or persons reported.
· Identification of other people participating in the events or who were aware of them.
· Description of the process by which the reported facts came to your attention.

Likewise, documents that support the complaint may be provided, if applicable.

The complaint information and subsequent investigation may be provided to the courts and tribunals when the result of the complaint investigation deems advisable.

You can also use this Ethical Mailbox to ask questions related to the application of our Code of Conduct or compliance with other applicable regulations.

Communications receivers

The communications and / or complaints made through this form or through regular mail or other means, will be received and managed by the Ethics Committee of the Vía Célere Group.

Complaints made through the Ethical Mailbox may be anonymous. However, in order to be able to inform about the management of the complaint and, if applicable, its resolution, we suggest you enter some type of contact (e-mail and / or telephone).

Should the complainant want to identify themselves, there are fields to enter their data and which enable any documentation they consider appropriate to be added.

Remember that the ethics mailbox is a channel that serves to raise any possible irregularity, non-compliance or behavior contrary to ethics, conduct, legality and the rules that govern this Group, in accordance with the applicable regulations. For any other matter, you can contact us by phone 900 10 20 80 or e-mail (

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